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Title: Basic Rubber Testing: Selecting Methods for a Rubber Test Program, Author: John S. Dick
Title: Characterization and Properties of Petroleum Fractions, Author: M. R. Riazi
Title: Wear of Articulating Surfaces: Understanding Joint Simulation, Author: S. A. Brown
Title: Frictional Interaction of Tire and Pavement, Author: W. E. Meyer
Title: Performance of Exterior Building Walls, Author: Paul G. Johnson
Title: 1993 Annual Book of ASTM Standards: Section 11, Author: American Society For Testing & Materials
Title: Analysis of Paints and Related Materials: Current Techniques for Solving Coatings Problems, Author: William C. Golton
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Title: Durability Testing of Nonmetallic Materials, Author: Robert J. Herling
Title: Heat Transmission Measurements in Thermal Insulations, Author: R. P. Tye
Title: Constructing Smooth Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavements, Author: Mary Stroup-Gardiner
Title: Use of Chemicals in Oil Spill Response, Author: Peter Lane
Title: Constraint Effects in Fracture, Author: E. M. Hackett
Title: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, Author: John H. Underwood
Title: Oil Spill Chemical Dispersants: Research, Experience, and Recommendations, Author: T. E. Allen
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Title: Geosynthetics: Microstructure and Performance, Author: Ian D. Peggs
Title: Effects of the Environment on the Initiation of Crack Growth / Edition 2, Author: William A. Van der Sluys
Title: Safety in Ice Hockey, Author: David J. Pearsell
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Title: Particulate Debris from Medical Implants: Mechanisms of Formation and Biological Consequences, Author: Kenneth R. St. John
Title: Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres, Author: Janoff
Title: Annual Book of ASTM Standards, 1990: Gaseous Fuels; Coal and Coke, Author: American Society For Testing & Materials

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