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Title: Mapping Migration: Women's Writing and the American Immigrant Experience from the 1950s to the 1990s, Author: Heike Paul
Title: The Chutneyfication of History: Salman Rushdie, Michael Ondaatje, Bharati Mukherjee and the Postcolonial Debate, Author: Mita Banerjee
Title: Literature on the Move: Comparing Diasporic Ethnicities in Europe and the Americas, Author: Dominique Marcais
Title: Voices of the Down and Out: The Dust Bowl Migration and the Great Depression in the Songs of Woody Guthrie, Author: Martin Butler
Title: Education and the USA, Author: Laurenz Volkmann
Title: A Revolving Door of Language: Repetition in American Experimental Writing, Author: Sebastian Duda
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Title: Bodies and/as Technology: Counter-Discourses on Ethnicity and Globalization in the Works of Alejandro Morales, Larissa Lai and Nalo Hopkinson, Author: Sonja Georgi
Title: Rural America, Author: Antje Kley
Title: Homebound: Diaspora Spaces and Selves in Greek American Return Narratives, Author: Evangelia Kindinger
Title: Street Literature: Black Popular Fiction in the Era of U.S. Mass Incarceration, Author: Kristina Graaff
Title: Acoustic Entanglements: Sound and Aesthetic Practice, Author: Sabine Kim
Title: Aesthetic Innovation and the Democratic Principle: Essays on Twentieth-Century American Poetry and Fiction, Author: Heinz Ickstadt
Title: Medical Humanities in American Studies: Life Writing, Narrative Medicine, and the Power of Autobiography, Author: Mita Banerjee
Title: Arab American Novels Post-9/11: Classical Storytelling Motifs Against Outsidership, Author: Marie-Christin Sawires-Masseli
Title: Sounding the Novel: Voice in Twenty-First Century American Fiction, Author: Nathalie Aghoro
Title: Comic Art and Avant-Garde: Bill Watterson's 'Calvin and Hobbes' and the Art of American Newspaper Comic Strips, Author: Joy Katzmarzik
Title: Commemorating Abraham Lincoln the Transnational Way: Lincoln Monuments in Great Britain, Author: Liv Birte Buchmann
Title: Approaching Whiteness: Acknowledging Native Americans as Scholars of Reversal in 19th Century Autobiographical Writings, Author: Britta Muszeika
Title: Conflicting Discourses of Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Territory in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Legal Texts and Indigenous Life Writing, Author: Jens Temmen