Title: 27 Dresses
Director: Anne Fletcher
Title: 27 Dresses/the Devil Wears Prada
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Title: The Proposal
Director: Anne Fletcher
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Title: The Guilt Trip
Title: Step Up
Title: Hot Pursuit
Title: Chick Flick 3 Pack
Title: 27 Dresses/Bride Wars
Title: Conceptualizing New Plays: Studies in Theatre Concepts, Forms, and Styles, Author: Scott R. Irelan
Title: Modern American Drama: Playwriting in the 1930s: Voices, Documents, New Interpretations, Author: Anne Fletcher
Title: Experiencing Theatre, Author: Anne Fletcher
Title: From the Mill to Monte Carlo: The Working-Class Englishman Who Beat the Monaco Casino and Changed Gambling Forever, Author: Anne Fletcher Pre-Order Now
Title: Rediscovering Mordecai Gorelik: Scene Design and the American Theatre, Author: Anne Fletcher