Title: Torch Song Trilogy
Director: Paul Bogart
Title: The Prisoner of Second Avenue
Title: 'Night, Mother
Director: Tom Moore
Title: G.I. Jane
Director: Ridley Scott
Title: The Graduate
Director: Mike Nichols
Title: The Hindenburg
Title: How to Make an American Quilt
Title: The Slender Thread
Title: The Raid
Director: Hugo Fregonese
Title: Broadway Bound
Director: Paul Bogart
Title: The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone
Title: A Life in the Balance
Title: The Wisdom of the Buddha: Heart Teachings in His Own Words, Author: Anne Bancroft
Title: The Buddha Speaks: A Book of Guidance from the Buddhist Scriptures, Author: Anne Bancroft
Title: Garbo Talks
Director: Sidney Lumet
Title: The Miracle Worker
Director: Arthur Penn
Title: The Sunchaser
Director: Michael Cimino
Title: Walk the Proud Land
Director: Jesse Hibbs