Title: Nonparametric Methods for Modeling Nonlinearity in Regression Analysis, Author: Robert Andersen
Title: Gender Ideology: Components, Predictors, and Consequences, Author: Shannon N. Davis
Title: Race and Trust, Author: Sandra Susan Smith
Title: Taming Prometheus: Talk About Safety and Culture, Author: Susan S. Silbey
Title: Comparative Analyses of Public Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration Using Multinational Survey Data: A Review of Theories and Research, Author: Alin M. Ceobanu
Title: Social Networks and Health, Author: Kirsten P. Smith
Title: Causal Inference in Sociological Research, Author: Markus Gangl
Title: Achievement Inequality and the Institutional Structure of Educational Systems: A Comparative Perspective, Author: Herman G. Van De Werfhorst
Title: Broken Down by Race and Gender? Sociological Explanations of New Sources of Earnings Inequality, Author: Kevin T. Leicht
Title: Social Class Differentials in Health and Mortality: Patterns and Explanations in Comparative Perspective, Author: Irma T. Elo
Title: American Trade Unions and Data Limitations: A New Agenda for Labor Studies, Author: Caleb Southworth
Title: Societal Responses to Terrorist Attacks, Author: Seymour Spilerman
Title: After Secularization?, Author: Philip S. Gorski
Title: Conditional Cash Transfers as Social Policy in Latin America: An Assessment of their Contributions and Limitations, Author: Enrique Valencia Lomeli
Title: Incarceration and Stratification, Author: Sara Wakefield
Title: The Decline of Cash Welfare and Implications for Social Policy and Poverty, Author: Sandra K. Danziger
Title: Race Mixture: Boundary Crossing in Comparative Perspective, Author: Edward E. Telles
Title: Black/White Differences in School Performance: The Oppositional Culture Explanation, Author: Douglas B. Downey
Title: Unconscious Racism: A Concept in Pursuit of a Measure, Author: Hart Blanton
Title: Interdisciplinarity: A Critical Assessment, Author: Jerry A. Jacobs

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