Title: Income Inequality and Social Dysfunction, Author: Richard G. Wilkinson
Title: The Sociology of War and the Military, Author: Meyer  Kestnbaum
Title: Switching Social Contexts: The Effects of Housing Mobility and School Choice Programs on Youth Outcomes, Author: Stefanie DeLuca
Title: Socioeconomic Attainments of Asian Americans, Author: Arthur Sakamoto
Title: New Directions in Life Course Research, Author: Karl Ulrich Mayer
Title: The Impacts of Wal-Mart: The Rise and Consequences of the World's Dominant Retailer, Author: Gary Gereffi
Title: Men, Masculinity, and Manhood Acts, Author: Douglas Schrock
Title: Annual Review of Sociology, Volume 35, Author: Karen S. Cook
Title: Genetics and Social Inquiry, Author: Jeremy Freese
Title: Nonhumans in Social Interaction, Author: Karen A. Cerulo
Title: Race and Trust, Author: Sandra Susan Smith
Title: Comparative Analyses of Public Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration Using Multinational Survey Data: A Review of Theories and Research, Author: Alin M. Ceobanu
Title: Causal Inference in Sociological Research, Author: Markus Gangl
Title: Achievement Inequality and the Institutional Structure of Educational Systems: A Comparative Perspective, Author: Herman G. Van De Werfhorst
Title: Incarceration and Stratification, Author: Sara Wakefield
Title: The Decline of Cash Welfare and Implications for Social Policy and Poverty, Author: Sandra K. Danziger
Title: What Is Sociological about Music?, Author: William G. Roy
Title: The New Homelessness Revisited, Author: Barrett A. Lee
Title: A World of Standards but not a Standard World: Toward a Sociology of Standards and Standardization, Author: Stefan Timmermans
Title: Organizational Approaches to Inequality: Inertia, Relative Power, and Environments, Author: Kevin Stainback

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