Title: A Biography of Power: Research and Excavations at the Iron Age 'oppidum' of Bagendon, Gloucestershire (1979-2017), Author: Tom Moore
Title: Wari Women from Huarmey: Bioarchaeological Interpretation of Human Remains from the Wari Elite Mausoleum at Castillo de Huarmey, Peru, Author: Wieslaw Wieckowski
Title: A Classical Archaeologist's Life: The Story So Far: An Autobiography, Author: John Boardman
Title: Great Cloister: A Lost Canterbury Tale: A History of the Canterbury Cloister, Constructed 1408-14, with Some Account of the Donors and their Coats of Arms, Author: Paul A. Fox
Title: Bearsden: The Story of a Roman Fort, Author: David J. Breeze
Title: Digging Up Jericho: Past, Present and Future, Author: Bill Finlayson
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Title: Geology for Archaeologists: A short introduction, Author: J.R.L. Allen
Title: Sur les chemins d'Onagre: Histoire et archeologie orientales: Hommage a Monik Kervran, Author: Claire Hardy-Guilbert
Title: The Antonine Wall: Papers in Honour of Professor Lawrence Keppie, Author: David J. Breeze
Title: On the Origins of the Cartouche and Encircling Symbolism in Old Kingdom Pyramids, Author: David Ian Lightbody
Title: Art of the Ancestors: Spatial and temporal patterning in the ceiling rock art of Nawarla Gabarnmang, Arnhem Land, Australia, Author: Robert G. Gunn
Title: Hillforts: Britain, Ireland and the Nearer Continent: Papers from the Atlas of Hillforts of Britain and Ireland Conference, June 2017, Author: Gary Lock
Title: The Megaliths of Vera Island in the Southern Urals, Author: Stanislav Grigoriev
Title: Historic Landscapes and Mental Well-being, Author: Timothy Darvill
Title: The First Peoples of Oman: Palaeolithic Archaeology of the Nejd Plateau, Author: Jeffrey I. Rose
Title: I I?I?I'IoeIIsI?I?: Sinews of Acheloios: A Comprehensive Catalog of the Bronze Coinage of the Man-Faced Bull, with Essays on Origin and Identity, Author: Nicholas J. Molinari
Title: Sources of Han Decor: Foreign Influence on the Han Dynasty Chinese Iconography of Paradise (206 BC-AD 220), Author: Sophia-Karin Psarras
Title: Lusitanian Amphorae: Production and Distribution, Author: Ines Vaz Pinto
Title: On the Borders of World-Systems: Contact Zones in Ancient and Modern Times, Author: Yervand Margaryan Pre-Order Now
Title: Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 48 2018: Papers from the fifty-first meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies held at the British Museum, London, 4th to 6th August 2017, Author: Julian Jansen van Rensburg

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