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Title: Bad Moon Rising: The Prom Night Murders Memoir, Author: Ed Morrison
Title: The Preschool Professors Learn How Seeds Grow, Author: Dr. Karen Bale
Title: The Quilt of Many Colors: A Mormon Love Story That Stands the Test of Time, Author: McKenzie Smith
Title: The Eyes of Midnight: A Time of Terror in East Tennessee, Author: Robert Wilson
Title: Christina's Gift, Author: DW Stanford
Title: The Camino Made Easy: Reflections of a Parador Pilgrim: Three Walking Tours on the Way of St. James Through Spain and Portugal to Santiago De Compostela and Finisterre, Author: Olivia Pittet
Title: My Adventure: an Encounter with Life: A Memoir, Author: William Millard
Title: The Anointing: The Supernatural Power of God, Author: Apostle Ese Duke
Title: Boston'S Banner Years: 1965-2015: A Saga of Black Success, Author: Melvin B. Miller
Title: Teacher Journeys: Memories, Reflections, and Lessons from 20Th-Century African-American Educators, Author: Rita Gilbert Greer EdD
Title: A Wonderful Stroke of Luck: From Occupational Therapist to Patient and Beyond, Author: Janet R. Douglas
Title: A Man to Love: Finding Loving When You Have Long Given Up, Author: Maria P. Herndon
Title: The Look: Paris for the Last Time, Author: Maria Pryor Herndon
Title: Disabled? Disabled! Disabled: Transitional Poems from the Disability Perspective, Author: Daniel Garcia
Title: Seahorse, Author: Khara L. Campbell
Title: Owen'S Magic Backpack, Author: Linda McK. Stewart
Title: Rv Buyer's Handbook, Author: Walt Gerber
Title: Change Agent: A Life Dedicated to Creating Wealth for Minorities, Author: James H. Lowry
Title: Five Hospitals and a Medical Journey Through Hell: Don't Think This Couldn't Happen to You, Author: Roger E. Gussett
Title: Seeing through Veils: A Handbook for Peace and Balance, Author: Lori Wheeler

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