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Title: When Tigers Are Hunting: The Complete Adventures of Cordie, Soldier of Fortune, Volume 1 (The Argosy Library), Author: W. Wirt
Title: The Swordsman of Mars, Author: Otis Adelbert Kline
Title: The Sherlock of Sageland - The Complete Tales of Sheriff Henry, Volume 1, Author: W. C. Tuttle
Title: Gone North, Author: Charles Alden Seltzer
Title: The Masked Master Mind, Author: George F. Worts
Title: Balata, Author: Fred MacIsaac
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Title: Bretwalda (The Argosy Library), Author: Philip Ketchum
Title: Draft of Eternity, Author: Victor Rousseau
Title: Four Corners, Volume 1, Author: Theodore Roscoe
Title: Clovelly, Author: Frederick Faust
Title: The Blue Fire Pearl - The Complete Adventures of Singapore Sammy, Volume 1, Author: George F. Worts
Title: The Moon Pool & The Conquest of the Moon Pool, Author: Abraham Merritt
Title: Jan of the Jungle, Author: Otis Adelbert Kline
Title: Minions of the Moon, Author: William Gray Beyer
Title: The Vengeance of the Wah Fu Tong: The Complete Cases of Jigger Masters, Volume 1, Author: Anthony M Rud
Title: The Ruby of Suratan Singh: The Adventures of Scarlet and Bradshaw, Volume 2, Author: Theodore Roscoe
Title: The Sheriff of Tonto Town: The Complete Tales of Sheriff Henry, Volume 2, Author: W.C. Tuttle
Title: The Darkness at Windon Manor, Author: Max Brand
Title: The Flying Legion, Author: George Allan England
Title: The Golden Cat: The Adventures of Peter the Brazen, Volume 3, Author: George F Worts

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