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Title: Monopulse Radar, Author: David K Barton
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Title: Pulse Compression, Author: David K Barton
Title: Radar Resolution and Multipatheffects, Author: David Knox Barton
Title: Frequency Agility And Diversity, Author: David K. Barton
Title: Multifunction Array Radar, Author: Sergio Sabatini
Title: Multitarget-Multisensor Tracking (Artech House Radar Library Serries): Applications and Advances, Author: Yaakov Bar-Shalom
Title: Automatic Detection And Radar Data Processing, Author: D Curtis Schleher Ph.D.
Title: Principles Of Traveling Wave Tubes, Author: A. S. Gilmour Jr
Title: Detectability Of Spread-Spectrum Signals, Author: Robin a Dillard
Title: Synthetic Aperture Radar, Author: John J Kovaly
Title: Computer Simulation of Aerial Target Radar Scattering, Recognition, Detection, and Tracking, Author: Davidovich
Title: Principles Of High-Resolution Radar, Author: August W Rihaczek
Title: Radar Range-Performance Analysis, Author: Lamont V Blake
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Title: Introduction To Electronic Defense Systems Second Edition, Author: Filippo Neri
Title: Radar Signals, Author: Charles E Cook
Title: Synthetic-Aperture Radar And Electronic Warfare, Author: Walter W Goi
Title: The Scattering Of Electromagnetic Waves From Rough Surfaces, Author: Petr Beckmann
Hardcover $146.26 $149.00 Current price is $146.26, Original price is $149.00.
Title: Mathematical Techniques In Multisensor Data Fusion, Author: David Lee Hall
Title: Advanced Techniques For Digital Receivers, Author: Phillip E Pace
Title: Theory and Practice of Radar Target Indentification, Author: August W. Rihaczek

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