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Title: Active Radar Electronic Countermeasures, Author: Edward J. Chrzanowski
Title: Coherent Radar Performance Estimation, Author: James a Scheer
Title: Introduction To Electronic Warfare, Author: D Curtis Schleher Ph.D.
Title: Synthetic-Aperture Radar And Electronic Warfare, Author: Walter W Goi
Title: Airborne Pulsed Doppler Radar, Author: Guy V. Morris
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Title: Radar Propagation At Low Altitudes, Author: M. Littleton Meeks
Title: Digital Techniques For Wideband Receivers / Edition 2, Author: James B. Y. Tsui
Title: Range-Doppler Radar Imaging and Motion Compensation, Author: Jae Sok Son
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Title: Small-Aperture Radio Direction-Finding, Author: Herndon H Jenkins
Title: Secondary Surveillance Radar, Author: Michael Stevens
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Title: Adaptive Signal Processing For Radar, Author: Ramon Nitzberg
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Title: Electronic Warfare Receiving Systems, Author: Dennis D Vaccaro
Title: The Radar Evaluation Handbook, Author: David et all Barton
Title: Advanced Techniques For Digital Receivers, Author: Phillip E Pace
Title: Radar Vulnerability To Jamming, Author: Robert N Lothes
Title: Troposcatter Radio Links, Author: Giovanni Roda
Title: Significant Phased Array Papers, Author: Robert C. Hansen
Title: Computer Simulation of Aerial Target Radar Scattering, Recognition, Detection, and Tracking, Author: Davidovich
Title: Surface-Based Air Defense System Analysis, Author: Robert H M Macfadzean
Title: Microwave Radar Imaging And Advanced Concepts, Author: Roger J Sullivan

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