Title: Pictorial Key to the Tarot, Author: Arthur Edward Waite
Title: Braid on Hypnotism. Neurypnology: Or, the rationale of nervous sleep considered in relation to animal magnetism or mesmerism and illustrated by numerous cases of its successful application in the relief and cure of disease, Author: James Braid
Title: The Secret Doctrine in Israel: A Study of The Zohar and its Connections, Author: Arthur E. Waite
Title: Lives of Alchemystical Philosophers: based on materials collected in 1815 and supplemented by recent researches with a philosophical demonstration of the true principles of the magnum opus, or great work of alchemical re-construction, Author: Arthur E. Waite
Title: Alchemists through the Ages, Author: Arthur E Waite
Title: Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual, Author: Arthur E. Waite
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Title: The Classics of the Tarot, Author: Arthur E. Waite
Title: Collectanea Chemica, Author: Arthur E. Waite