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Title: Should Parents Be Allowed to Choose the Gender of Their Children?, Author: Tamara Thompson
Title: Are Chain Stores Ruining America?, Author: Kirsten Engdahl
Title: Child Labor and Sweatshops, Author: Christine Watkins
Title: Genetically Engineered Food, Author: Debra A. Miller
Title: Is Parenthood a Right or a Privilege, Author: Stefan Kiesbye
Title: Designer Babies, Author: Clayton Farris Naff
Title: Child Sexual Abuse, Author: Angela Lewis
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Title: The Death Penalty, Author: Megan Manzano
Title: Animal Experimentation, Author: Susan C. Hunnicut
Title: Should the U.S. Be Multilingual?, Author: Christine Watkins
Title: The Role of Science in Public Policy, Author: Eamon Doyle
Title: Are America's Wealthy Too Powerful?, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
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Title: Migrant Workers, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: Are Executives Paid Too Much?, Author: Rosenthal Beth
Title: Corporate Corruption, Author: Sarah Armstrong
Title: Do Veterans Receive Adequate Health Care?, Author: Susan C. Hunnicut
Title: Violent Children, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: AIDS in Developing Countries, Author: Noel Merino
Title: Can Celebrities Change the World?, Author: Roman Espejo
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Title: Racial Profiling, Author: Kathy L. Hahn

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