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Title: Anti-Semitism, Author: Mark McKain
Title: Federal Budget Deficit, Author: Susan C. Hunnicutt
Title: Disposal of the Dead, Author: Diane Andrews Henningfield
Title: Do Children Have Rights?, Author: David Haugen
Title: Are Privacy Rights Being Violated?, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
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Title: How Safe Is America's Infrastructure?, Author: Louise I. Gerdes
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Title: Foreign Oil Dependence, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Local Food Movement, Author: Amy Francis
Title: Food Safety, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
Title: Attacks on America September 11 2001, Author: Kelly Barth
Title: Poverty in America, Author: Tamara Thompson
Title: Olympics, Author: Tamara L. Roleff
Title: What Motivates Suicide Bombers?, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: What Is the Future of the U.S. Economy?, Author: Susan C. Hunnicutt
Title: Voter Fraud, Author: Greenhaven Press
Title: Is the U.S. Ready for a Minority President ?, Author: Amanda Hiber
Title: Should the U.S. Be Multilingual?, Author: Christine Watkins
Title: Alcohol Abuse, Author: Ronald D. Lankford
Title: Ethics of Human Cloning, Author: John Woodward
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Title: Adaptation and Climate Change, Author: Roman Espejo

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