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Title: Holy Water in My Scotch, Author: Suzanne Boylston Cusack
Title: A Stroke of Luck: Or a Beginner's Guide to Being Hospitalised and What You Can Reasonably Expect!, Author: Christopher Moore (4)
Title: The Adventures of George and His Blended Family, Author: Vinnie Strumolo
Title: Terror Mage, Author: Lawrence Verrett
Title: If You See Him, Let Me Know, Author: Todd London
Title: My Hollydog, Author: Charise Leemis
Title: The Majickal League of Kues, Author: M. V. la Montague
Title: Another Day in Paradise, Author: Dr. Kathy M. Basnar
Title: Malia the Magnificent!, Author: Malia Shaw
Title: Caleb, the Ice Road Truck, Author: Karen Adrian
Title: Critter, Author: Michael McClendon
Title: Dissemblance, Author: Denita McDade
Title: Pouring Poetry, Author: Bianca V. Gonzalez
Title: The Secrets of Westborough Hall, Author: Felicity Knight
Title: Saving Eric, Author: Mary Burns
Title: Nightshades of New Orleans, Author: James Quinn
Title: And Then They Found Me, Author: Russell Wilson
Title: The Well-Mannered Giant, Author: Patt Paulos
Title: Think Like a Man, Author: jD Shapiro
Title: The Tails of Two Cities, Author: Ruth Gordon

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