Title: The Imagery of Euripides: A Study in the Dramatic Use of Pictorial Language, Author: Shirley A. Barlow
Title: Latin Poets and Roman Life, Author: Jasper Griffin
Title: The Satires of Horace, Author: Niall Rudd
Title: Criticism in Antiquity, Author: D.A. Russell
Title: Rome: Its People, Life and Customs, Author: U.E. Paoli
Title: The Piraeus: From the Fifth to the First Century BC, Author: Robert Garland
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Title: Herodotus, Author: John GOULD
Title: The Art of the Aeneid / Edition 1, Author: William S. Anderson
Title: The Satires of Persius, Author: Cynthia S. Dessen
Title: Propertius, Author: Margaret Hubbard
Title: The Art of Living: The Stoics on the Nature and Function of Philosophy / Edition 2, Author: John Sellars
Title: Catullus to Ovid: Reading Latin Love Elegy, Author: Guy Lee
Title: The Iliad / Edition 2, Author: Martin Mueller
Title: Suetonius / Edition 2, Author: Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Title: Plutarch, Author: D.A. Russell
Title: Pope's Iliad, Author: Homer
Title: The Politics of Olympus: Form and Meaning in the Major Homeric Hymns, Author: Jenny Strauss Clay
Title: The Aeneid, Author: Robert Deryck Williams
Title: The Eye of the Beholder: Deformity and Disability in the Graeco-Roman World, Author: Robert Garland
Title: The Historians of Greece and Rome, Author: Stephen Usher

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