Title: Gary Burghoff's The Home, Author: Gary Burghoff
Title: Fritz Von Erich: Triumph and Tragedy, Author: Don G. Smith
Title: The Joke Book for People Who Think Donald Trump is a Joke, Author: The Unknown Comic
Title: Full Frontal Tenudity, Author: Judy Tenuta
Title: Obsessions and Exorcisms in the Work of Joyce Carol Oates, Author: Denise Noe
Title: The Joke Book for People Who Think The Kardashians are a Joke, Author: The Unknown Comic
Title: Winterhawk's Land, Author: Michael Dante
Title: Six Rode Home: A Novella, Author: Michael Dante
Title: Gay's the Word: Being a Brief History of the Secret Language of Homosexuality, Author: Anthony Slide
Title: Desperately Seeking Susan Foreman, Author: Richard Kirby
Title: The Third Girl From The Right, Author: Philip Rapp
Title: Maury: The Story of an American Pop Culture Institution, Author: Denise Noe
Title: Trash Cinema: A Celebration of Overlooked Masterpieces, Author: Andrew J. Rausch
Title: A Conversation With Patty McCormack: Cinema's Original Bad Seed, Author: Lee Gambin
Title: Lady of the Press: Radio's lost 1944 romantic-mystery serial, Author: Larry Groebe
Title: Turning Blue, Author: Stuart Canterbury
Title: Scribes of Speculative Fiction II, Author: Cristopher DeRose
Title: The Monsters Go To The Library, Author: Mark O'Neill
Title: The Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Trivia Quiz: An Unauthorized Doctor Who Companion, Author: Don J. Krouskop
Title: Cocktail Nation: The Definitive Guide to the Lounge Universe, Author: Koop Kooper

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