Title: The Ancient Period, Author: Duane F. Watson
Title: Erz?hlte Welten im Richterbuch: Narratologische Aspekte eines polyfonen Diskurses, Author: Susanne Gillmayr-Bucher
Title: Babel?s Tower Translated: Genesis 11 and Ancient Jewish Interpretation, Author: Phillip Michael Sherman
Title: Saxa judaica loquuntur, Lessons from Early Jewish Inscriptions: Radboud Prestige Lectures 2014, Author: Pieter W. van der Horst
Title: The Scriptural Tale in the Fourth Gospel: With Particular Reference to the Prologue and a Syncretic (Oral and Written) Poetics, Author: Edward H. Gerber
Title: Interactions in Interpretation: The Pilgrimage of Meaning through Biblical Texts and Contexts, Author: Brill Pre-Order Now
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Title: Dialogue on Monarchy in the Gideon-Abimelech Narrative: Ideological Reading in Light of Bakhtin's Dialogism, Author: Albert Sui-hung Lee Pre-Order Now
Title: Matthew's Non-Messianic Mapping of Messianic Texts: Evidences of a Broadly Eschatological Hermeneutic, Author: Bruce Henning Pre-Order Now
Title: Key Approaches to Biblical Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue, Author: Brill Pre-Order Now
Title: Imitating Paul, Author: Elizabeth A. Castelli
Title: Isaiah's Vision and the Family of God / Edition 1, Author: Katheryn Pfisterer Darr
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Title: The Passion of Interpretation, Author: W. Dow Edgerton
Title: The Betrayal Of God, Author: David Penchansky
Title: From Father To Son, Author: Devora Steinmetz
Title: Reading Esther: A Case for the Literary Carnivalesque / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth Craig
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Title: Abiding Astonishment / Edition 1, Author: Walter Brueggemann
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Title: Satire and the Hebrew Prophets / Edition 1, Author: Thomas J. Jemielity
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Title: Methods for Exodus, Author: Thomas B. Dozeman
Title: Methods for Matthew, Author: Mark Allan Powell
Title: Centering on God: Method and Message in Luke-Acts, Author: Robert L. Brawley

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