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Title: Dora's Christmas Carol (Dora the Explorer), Author: Golden Books
Title: The Animals' Merry Christmas, Author: Kathryn Jackson
Title: The Grab-Bag Party, Author: Betsy Maestro
Title: King Mitch Had an Itch, Author: Jerry Harston
Title: The Best Nickname, Author: Dina Anastasio
Title: The Gingerbread Man, Author: Richard Scarry
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Title: How Come You're So Shy?, Author: Leone Castell Anderson
Title: The Big Little Golden Book of Funny Poems, Author: Thea Feldman
Title: Lady Lovely Locks: Silkypup's Butterfly Adventure, Author: Jean Lewis
Title: The Pandas Take a Vacation, Author: Betsy Maestro
Title: Bialosky and the Big Parade Mystery, Author: Justine Korman
Title: Little Raccoon's Nighttime Adventure, Author: Lilian Moore
Title: The Red Jacket Mix-Up, Author: Ari Hill
Title: Let's Go Fishing!, Author: Jan Wahl
Title: The Big Little Golden Book of Planets, Author: Robert A. Bell
Title: The Secret Life of Walter Kitty, Author: Joan Elizabeth Goodman
Title: Jumping Jacky, Author: Fran Manushkin
Title: The Secret Life of Pets Big Golden Book (The Secret Life of Pets Series), Author: David Lewman
Title: Walt Disney's Peter Pan in Tinkerbell and the Pirates, Author: Western Publishing Company Incorporated
Title: Snoopy, the World's Greatest Author, Author: Charles M. Schulz

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