Title: And It Begins Like This, Author: Latanya Mcqueen
Title: Far Villages: Welcome Essays for New & Beginner Poets, Author: Abayomi Animashaun
Title: Many Restless Concerns: The Victims of Countess Bathory Speak in Chorus, Author: Gayle Brandeis
Title: I'm Trying to Tell You I'm Sorry : An Intimacy Triptych, Author: Nina Boutsikaris
Title: When My Body Was a Clinched Fist, Author: Enzo Silon Surin
Title: Playing Poker with Tennessee Williams, Author: Kevin Pilkington Pre-Order Now
Title: This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album, Author: Alan Chazaro
Title: Amazing Things Are Happening Here, Author: Jacob M. Appel
Title: Women in the Waiting Room, Author: Kirun Kapur
Title: Dyke (geology), Author: Sabrina Imbler
Title: Code, Author: Charlotte Pence
Title: The Shape of the Keyhole, Author: Denise Bergman
Title: sad boy / detective, Author: Sam Sax
Title: All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned, Author: Erica Wright
Title: Moon Trees and Other Orphans, Author: Leigh Camacho Rourks
Title: everything saved will be last, Author: Isaac Pickell Pre-Order Now
Title: Blackbirds in September: Selected Shorter Poems of Jurgen Becker, Author: Jurgen Becker
Title: With Animal, Author: Carol Guess
Title: Ways to Beg, Author: T J Sandella Pre-Order Now
Title: Wine Dark, Author: Jenny Drai

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