Title: Planet Earth, Author: John Gribbin
Title: Evolution, Author: Burton Guttman
Title: Crimes Against Humanity, Author: Adam Jones
Title: Renaissance Art, Author: Tom Nichols
Title: Christianity, Author: Keith Ward
Title: Judaism, Author: Dan Cohn-Sherbok
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Title: British Politics, Author: Richard S. Grayson
Title: Daoism, Author: James Miller
Title: Racism, Author: Alana Lentin
Title: Volcanoes, Author: Rosaly Lopes
Title: Dewey, Author: David Hildebrand
Title: The Northern Ireland Conflict, Author: Aaron Edwards
Title: Life in the Universe, Author: Lewis Dartnell
Title: Criminal Psychology, Author: R.H. Bull
Title: Feminism, Author: Sally J. Scholz
Title: Literary Theory, Author: Clare Connors
Title: Shakespeare, Author: Ros King
Title: Mafia and Organised Crime, Author: James O. Finckenauer
Title: Paul, Author: Morna D. Hooker
Title: Global Terrorism, Author: Leonard Weinberg

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