Title: Volcanoes, Author: Rosaly Lopes
Title: Africa, Author: Tom Young
Title: Conservation, Author: Paul Jepson
Title: Censorship, Author: Julian Petley
Title: The Small Arms Trade, Author: Matthew Schroeder
Title: Fair Trade, Author: Jacqueline DeCarlo
Title: British Politics, Author: Richard S. Grayson
Title: Islamic Philosophy, Author: Majid Fakhry
Title: The French Revolution, Author: Peter Davies
Title: The Brain, Author: Ammar al-Chalabi
Title: The Palestine-Israeli Conflict, Author: Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Title: Biodiversity, Author: John Spicer
Title: Machiavelli, Author: Cary J. Nederman
Title: Cloning, Author: Aaron Levine
Title: Artificial Intelligence, Author: Blay Whitby
Title: Modern Slavery, Author: Kevin Bales
Title: Democracy, Author: David Beetham
Title: Quantum Physics, Author: Alastair Rae
Title: Shakespeare, Author: Ros King
Title: Existentialism, Author: Thomas Wartenberg

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