Title: History of Science, Author: Sean F. Johnston
Title: The Baha'i Faith, Author: Moojan Moman
Title: Daoism, Author: James Miller
Title: Oil, Author: Vaclav Smil
Title: Opera, Author: Alexandra Wilson
Title: Christianity, Author: Keith Ward
Title: Judaism, Author: Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Title: Humanism, Author: Peter Cave
Title: Islamic Philosophy, Author: Majid Fakhry
Title: Classical Music, Author: Julian Johnson
Title: The Brain, Author: Ammar al-Chalabi
Title: Africa, Author: Tom Young
Title: The Buddha, Author: John Strong
Title: Descartes, Author: Harry M. Bracken
Title: Cloning, Author: Aaron Levine
Title: The Middle East, Author: Philip Robins
Title: Philosophy of Science, Author: Geoffrey Gorham
Title: Medieval Philosophy, Author: Sharon M. Kaye
Title: Anticapitalism, Author: Simon Tormey
Title: Lacan, Author: Lionel Bailly

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