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Title: The Cross Goes North: Processes of Conversion in Northern Europe, AD 300-1300, Author: Martin Carver
Title: A Dictionary of Northern Mythology, Author: Rudolf Simek
Paperback $24.97 $25.95 Current price is $24.97, Original price is $25.95.
Title: Knights of the Cloister: Templars and Hospitallers in Central-Southern Occitania, c.1100-c.1300, Author: Dominic Selwood
Title: The Black Death 1346-1353: The Complete History, Author: Ole J. Benedictow
Paperback $31.45 $34.95 Current price is $31.45, Original price is $34.95.
Title: The Hidden Affliction: Sexually Transmitted Infections and Infertility in History, Author: Simon Szreter
Hardcover $120.32 $125.00 Current price is $120.32, Original price is $125.00.
Title: Decolonising the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature, Author: Ngugi wa Thiong'o
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Title: The Making of Medieval History, Author: Graham A. Loud
Paperback $33.48 $34.95 Current price is $33.48, Original price is $34.95.
Title: Hildegard of Bingen: On Natural Philosophy and Medicine: Selections from Cause et Cure, Author: Margret Berger
Title: Runes and Runic Inscriptions: Collected Essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking Runes, Author: R.I. Page
Title: The Art of Cookery in the Middle Ages, Author: Terence Scully
Paperback $24.01 $24.95 Current price is $24.01, Original price is $24.95.
Title: The Percussionist's Art: Same Bed, Different Dreams / Edition 1, Author: Steven Schick
Title: Power-Brokers and the Yorkist State, 1461-1485, Author: Alexander R. Brondarbit
Title: The Visigoths from the Migration Period to the Seventh Century: An Ethnographic Perspective, Author: Peter Heather
Title: Women's Power in Late Medieval Romance, Author: Amy N. Vines
Title: The Lateran Church in Rome and the Ark of the Covenant: Housing the Holy Relics of Jerusalem: with an edition and translation of the Descriptio Lateranensis Ecclesiae (BAV Reg. Lat. 712), Author: Eivor Andersen Oftestad
Title: The Battle of Hastings: Sources and Interpretations, Author: Stephen Morillo
Title: An Architecture of Education: African American Women Design the New South, Author: Angel David Nieves
Title: The Janacek Compendium, Author: Nigel Simeone
Title: The New Percy Grainger Companion, Author: Penelope Thwaites
Title: Fighting for Britain: African Soldiers in the Second World War, Author: David Killingray

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