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Title: CHELSEA CREEK, Author: Linda Quinlan
Title: Jones Point, Author: John Wasowicz
Title: Daingerfield Island, Author: John Wasowicz
Title: Luscious Struggle, Author: Carrie Conners
Title: Riddle and Incest, Author: Lawrence W. Markert
Title: Yiddish Genesis, Author: Richard Fein
Title: The Outerlands, Author: Peter Weltner
Title: For Colored Guys Who Have Gone Beyond Suicide And Found No Rainbow, Author: MHC Writers Club
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Title: Forms of Verse, British and American, Author: Sara DeFord
Title: Many Parishes, Author: Adrian Koesters
Title: Epitaphs for the Poets, Author: Wesli Court
Title: Buried in the Mind's Backyard, Author: William Rivera
Title: Stone Altars, Author: Peter Weltner
Title: Comeback City: A Baltimore Experience, Author: Richard Franklin
Title: All That Glitters on Water, Author: Carol Langille
Title: The Circuit of Heaven, Author: Jim Elledge
Title: Children of Dust, Author: Elizabeth Stevens
Title: The Great Before and After, Author: Michael Fallon
Title: Dialogues on the Beach, Author: John McLucas
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Title: Made in the Image of Stones, Author: Andrei Guruianu

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