Title: Born to Rebel: An Autobiography, Author: Benjamin E. Mays
Title: Dear Master: Letters of a Slave Family, Author: Randall M. Miller
Title: Willie Mae / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth Kytle
Title: Black Politicians and Reconstruction in Georgia: A Splendid Failure, Author: Edmund L. Drago
Title: Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands, Author: Lydia Parrish
Title: Tall Betsy and Dunce Baby: South Georgia Folktales, Author: Mariella Glenn Hartsfield
Black Friday!
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Title: Why the South Lost the Civil War, Author: Richard E. Beringer
Title: Flannery O'Connor's South, Author: Robert Coles
Title: The Creation of Modern Georgia / Edition 2, Author: Numan V. Bartley
Title: Living Atlanta: An Oral History of the City, 1914-1948, Author: Clifford M. Kuhn
Title: The Grandissimes: A Novel / Edition 1, Author: George Washington Cable
Title: Major Butler's Legacy: Five Generations of a Slaveholding Family, Author: Malcolm Bell Jr.
Title: Katherine Anne Porter: A Life / Edition 1, Author: Joan Givner
Title: Cherokee Editor: The Writings of Elias Boudinot, Author: Theda Perdue
Title: Soldiers of Light and Love: Northern Teachers and Georgia Blacks, 1865-1873, Author: Jacqueline Jones
Title: Tyler, Wilkin, and Skee: A Novel, Author: Robert Burch
Title: He Included Me: The Autobiography of Sarah Rice, Author: Sarah Rice
Title: Céline: Remembering Louisiana, 1850-1871, Author: C line Fr maux Garcia
Title: College Life in the Old South, Author: E. Merton Coulter
Title: John Ross, Cherokee Chief, Author: Gary E. Moulton

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