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Title: Wyatt's Laughing Lark: and the Search for the Secret Map, Author: Jennifer Reaves Bouani
Title: John D. Rockefeller: Oil Baron and Philanthropist, Author: Rosemary Laughlin
Title: Cyrus McCormick: And the Mechanical Reaper, Author: Lisa A. Aldrich
Title: Smart Money: The Story of Bill Gates, Author: Aaron Boyd
Title: Warren Buffett, Author: Anne Janette Johnson
Title: Steve Jobs (Korean Edition), Author: Jim Corrigan
Title: Bill Gates, Author: Christopher L. Harbo
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Title: Twitter: Jack Dorsey, Boz Stone And Evan Williams, Author: Chris Smith
Title: J. P. Morgan: Banker to a Growing Nation, Author: Jeremy Byman
Title: Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Author: Judy L. Hasday
Title: Sam Walton, Author: Erika L. Shores
Title: Russell Simmons, Author: Brian Baughan
Title: Ralph Lauren, Author: Myra Weatherly
Title: Tyler & His Solve-a-matic Machine: Teaching Kids Business and Entrepreneurship, Disney's iParenting Media Award Winner, Author: Jennifer Bouani
Title: Wallace
Title: Milton Hershey, Author: Sarah L. Schuette
Title: Andrew Grove and the Intel Corporation, Author: Jeremy Byman
Title: Oprah Winfrey, Author: Judy L. Hasday
Title: Google Founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Author: Kerrily Sapet
Title: Steve Jobs, Author: Jim Corrigan

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