Title: Proust: Collected Essays on the Writer and his Art, Author: J. M. Cocking
Title: Poetry and Fable: Studies in Mythological Narrative in Sixteenth-Century France, Author: Ann Moss
Title: Sartre: Literature and Theory, Author: Rhiannon Goldthorpe
Title: Flaubert's Characters: The Language of Illusion, Author: Diana Knight
Title: The Knowledge of Ignorance: From Genesis to Jules Verne, Author: Andrew Martin
Title: The Unintended Reader: Feminism and Manon Lescaut, Author: Naomi Segal
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Title: A Question of Syllables: Essays in Nineteenth-Century French Verse, Author: Clive Scott
Title: Flaubert and the Gift of Speech: Dialogue and Discourse in Four
Title: The Limits of Narrative: Essays on Baudelaire, Flaubert, Rimbaud and Mallarme, Author: Nathaniel Wing
Title: Corneille, Classicism and the Ruses of Symmetry, Author: Mitchell Greenberg
Title: Claude Simon: Writing the Visible, Author: Celia Britton
Title: Pictorialist Poetics: Poetry and the Visual Arts in Nineteenth-Century France, Author: David H. T. Scott
Title: Reading Realism in Stendhal, Author: Ann Jefferson
Title: Baudelaire in 1859: A Study in the Sources of Poetic Creativity, Author: Richard D. E. Burton
Title: Taste and Ideology in Seventeenth-Century France, Author: Michael Moriarty
Title: Irony and Ideology in Rabelais: Structures of Subversion, Author: Jerome Schwartz
Title: Naturalist Fiction: The Entropic Vision, Author: David Baguley
Title: Beckett's Fiction: In Different Words, Author: Leslie Hill
Title: Baudelaire: Collected Essays, 1953-1988, Author: F. W. Leakey
Title: Baudelaire: Collected Essays, 1953-1988, Author: F. W. Leakey

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