Title: The ANZUS Crisis, Nuclear Visiting and Deterrence, Author: Michael Pugh
Title: The Domestic Analogy and World Order Proposals, Author: Hidemi Suganami
Title: The Hierarchy of States: Reform and Resistance in the International Order, Author: Ian Clark
Title: National Choices and International Processes, Author: Zeev Maoz
Title: Systems in Crisis: New Imperatives of High Politics at Century's End, Author: Charles F. Doran
Title: Rival States, Rival Firms: Competition for World Market Shares, Author: John M. Stopford
Title: The Strategic Defense Initiative, Author: Edward Reiss
Title: Interstate Crisis Behavior, 1816-1980, Author: Russell J. Leng
Title: Justice and the Genesis of War, Author: David A. Welch
Title: United States Foreign Policy toward Africa: Incrementalism, Crisis and Change, Author: Peter J. Schraeder
Title: Simulating Sovereignty: Intervention, the State and Symbolic Exchange, Author: Cynthia Weber
Title: Rediscoveries and Reformulations: Humanistic Methodologies for International Studies, Author: Hayward R. Alker
Title: Bringing Transnational Relations Back In: Non-State Actors, Domestic Structures and International Institutions, Author: Thomas Risse-Kappen
Title: The Restructuring of International Relations Theory, Author: Mark A. Neufeld
Title: Governing Global Networks: International Regimes for Transportation and Communications, Author: Mark W. Zacher
Title: State Sovereignty as Social Construct, Author: Thomas J. Biersteker
Title: Political Realism in International Theory, Author: Roger D. Spegele
Title: The Retreat of the State: The Diffusion of Power in the World Economy, Author: Susan Strange
Title: Africa and the International System: The Politics of State Survival, Author: Christopher Clapham
Title: The State, War, and the State of War, Author: Kalevi J. Holsti

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