Title: Stoicism the Art of Creating Small Changes for Life Long Habits of Self Discipline, Mental Toughness, Productivity and Mastering Confidence, Jealousy and Anger Management, Author: Chandler Andersen
Title: Stoicism: The Eternal Principles of the Stoic Way of Living - a New Fresh and Easy to Understand Vision of 'the Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius, 'on the Shortness of Life' by Seneca, and 'Enchiridion, Author: Chandler Andersen
Title: How to Analyze People: Dark Psychology, NLP and Manipulation Techniques for Personality Types, Author: Chandler Andersen
Title: Stoicism: Stoicism for Beginners - the Secrets of Achieving Emotional Freedom by Learning Grit, Self-Compassion, Anger and Jealousy Management, Mental Focus and Goal Setting, Author: Chandler Andersen
Title: Chakras: the #1 Complete Guide to Chakra Healing, Author: Cameron Walker
Title: Dark Psychology: Secret Strategic Manipulation Techniques, Dark NLP, Dark Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Persuasion and Unlocked Mind Control Tactics, Author: Chandler Andersen