Title: The Hell Screens, Author: Alvin Lu
Title: Four Hundred Million Customers: The Experiences - Some Happy, Some Sad -of an American in China and What They Taught Him, Author: Carl Crow
Title: Plays of Colonial Korea, Author: Se-dok Ham
Title: John Hedley in North China and Inner Mongolia (1897-1912), Author: Brett B Bodemer
Title: To the Mouths of the Ganges: An Ecological and Cultural Journey, Author: Frederic C Thomas
Title: Inaka, Author: Camphor Press Ltd
Title: The Aviator of Tsingtao: My War in China and Escape from a British POW Camp, Author: Gunther Plüschow
Title: River of Life, River of Hope: Selected Poems of Pak Tu-jin, Author: Tu-jin Pak
Title: Lord of Formosa, Author: Joyce Bergvelt
Title: The Last Bowl of Tea: A Portfolio of Seventeenth Century Chinese Law Cases, Author: Robert Stewart
Title: China's Water Crisis, Author: Jun Ma
Title: Taiwan in 100 Books, Author: John Grant Ross
Title: Pages from the Past: The 1910 Moscow Trade Expedition to Mongolia, Author: Elizabeth Endicott
Title: Kazakhstan: Contemporary Politics, Author: Ben Ostrov
Title: Everlasting Empire, Author: In-hwa Yi
Title: In Limpid Dream: Nostalgia and Zhang Dai's Reminiscences of the Ming, Author: Philip A Kafalas
Title: Party Members, Author: Arthur Meursault
Title: The Okinawa We Lost, Author: E.A. Cooper
Title: Local Politics in Rural Taiwan under Dictatorship and Democracy, Author: J. Bruce Jacobs
Title: Tiananmen Follies: Prison Memoirs and Other Writings, Author: Qing Dai

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