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Title: From China with Love: The Personal Letters of Bishop and Mrs. Logan Roots, Two American Missionaries in China (1900-1934), Author: Motoko Huthwaite
Title: Kyoto: A Literary Guide, Author: John Dougill
Title: Everlasting Empire, Author: In-hwa Yi
Title: Bu San Bu Si: A Taiwan Punk Tale, Author: J.W. Henley
Title: Hankow Return, Author: C.S. Archer
Title: Migrante, Author: J.W. Henley
Title: The Hell Screens, Author: Alvin Lu
Title: Four Hundred Million Customers: The Experiences - Some Happy, Some Sad -of an American in China and What They Taught Him, Author: Carl Crow
Title: A Taste of Freedom: Memoirs of a Taiwanese Independence Leader, Author: Ming-min Peng
Title: The Fox Spirit of Bluestone Mountain, Author: Tao Zou
Title: Twentieth Century Korean Literature, Author: Nam-ho Yi
Title: The Last Bowl of Tea: A Portfolio of Seventeenth Century Chinese Law Cases, Author: Robert Stewart
Title: From Shanghai to Shanghai: The War Diary of an Imperial Japanese Army Medical Officer, 1937-1941, Author: Tetsuo Aso
Title: The Korean Presidents: Leadership for Nation Building, Author: Choong Nam Kim
Title: Lord of Formosa, Author: Joyce Bergvelt
Title: Everlasting Empire: Taiwan, Past and Present, Author: In-hwa Yi
Title: An American in Hanoi: America's Reconciliation with Vietnam, Author: Desaix Anderson
Title: Formosan Odyssey: Taiwan, Past and Present, Author: John Grant Ross
Title: Kazakhstan: Contemporary Politics, Author: Ben Ostrov
Title: Resisting Japan: Mobilization for War in Modern China, 1935-1945, Author: David Pong

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