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Title: Quail Culture: How To Raise Quails For Profit: Raising Quail Book 1, Author: Charles Gross
Title: A bibliography of British municipal history: Including Gilds and Parliamentary Representation, Author: Charles Gross
Title: The sources and literature of English history from the earliest times to about 1485, Author: Charles Gross
Title: The Danger Of Progressive Liberalism, Author: Charles Gross
Title: General View of the Political History of Europe, Author: Charles Gross
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Title: The Danger of Progressive Liberalism: How America Is Threatened by Excessive Government, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, Entitlement, and the Failures of Both Political Parties, Author: Charles Gross
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Title: Prelude to the Total Force: The Air National Guard 1943 - 1969, Author: Charles Gross
Title: WaveRider: A Path To God, Author: Eric Charles Gross
Title: Skinny Repeal and other Amusing Tales, Author: Charles Gross