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Title: Divided West: European Security and the Transatlantic Relationship / Edition 1, Author: Tuomas Forsberg
Title: Britain and the Middle East in the 9/11 Era / Edition 1, Author: Rosemary Hollis
Title: Vladimir Putin and the Evolution of Russian Foreign Policy / Edition 1, Author: Bobo Lo
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Title: America and a Changed World: A Question of Leadership / Edition 1, Author: Robin Niblett
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Title: Putin's Russia and the Enlarged Europe / Edition 1, Author: Roy Allison
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Title: Bundesbank CFR: Germany's Central Bank in the International Monetary System / Edition 1, Author: Ellen Kennedy
Title: Exit the Dragon?: Privatization and State Control in China / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Green
Title: World Trade Governance and Developing Countries: The GATT/WTO Code Committee System / Edition 1, Author: Kofi Oteng Kufuor
Title: European Migration Policies in Flux: Changing Patterns of Inclusion and Exclusion / Edition 1, Author: Christina Boswell
Title: Ukraine and European Security, Author: Tor Bukkvoll
Title: The Arms Trade and Europe, Author: Paul Cornish
Title: The New Atlanticist: Poland's Foreign and Security Policy Priorities / Edition 1, Author: Kerry Longhurst