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Title: Postcards From Impossible Worlds: The Collected Shortest Story, Author: Peter Chiykowski
Title: Rasputin's Bastards, Author: David Nickle
Title: As Close to the Edge Without Going Over, Author: David Silverberg
Title: This Insubstantial Pageant, Author: Kate Story
Title: Every Shallow Cut, Author: Tom Piccirilli
Title: The Mona Lisa Sacrifice: The Book of Cross, Book 1, Author: Peter Roman
Title: Broken Sun, Broken Moon, Author: Brent Hayward
Title: The War Beneath, Author: Timothy S. Johnston
Title: It's Not the End and Other Lies, Author: Matt Moore
Title: Napier's Bones, Author: Derryl Murphy
Title: Goldenland Past Dark, Author: Chandler Klang Smith
Title: Enter, Night, Author: Michael Rowe
Title: Seven Crow Stories, Author: Robert J. Wiersema
Title: Fourscore Phantasmagores, Author: Rupert Bottenberg
Title: Westlake Soul, Author: Rio Youers

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