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Title: Something's Lost: A Horse Story, Author: Julie Moraine
Title: The Stolen Shoes, Author: Colleen
Title: They Say It's Impossible, Author: R.E. Carson
Title: Oakdale, Author: Jeannie Edwards
Title: Messes Versus Miracles, Author: Bernice Stephen
Title: Season of the Demon, Author: S.A. Sloan
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Title: Parsing the Whit: Real and Imagined, Author: William A. Scott
Title: Micaylah and the Never Never, Author: E. H. Karl
Title: Bethel Island: Saving Earth, Author: M.L. Blackburn
Title: Extra Ordinary: The Adventures of Shawna Ray and Christa Lynn, Author: Ray Wilcox
Title: Keep Your Heart, Author: Liz Rigby
Title: Abel and the Twelve Keys of Israel, Author: Lindsay Thompson
Title: Prisoner of War, Author: Kinsey M. Rockett
Title: David & Goliath, Author: Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister
Title: Who Is He?, Author: Shirell Warren-Stout
Title: The Mystery of Sinclair Place, Author: Michael Garwood
Title: Head to Heart: Fixing Failure, Grief, and Anger: Finding Love, Grace, and Mercy: Josh and Emily, Author: Kathryn Maureen O'Rourke
Title: Trial at the Ridge, Author: Kinsey M. Rockett
Title: 12 Month Dummy, Author: Stephon Mason
Title: Red Siren, Author: Bridget Messi

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