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Title: Bethel Island: Saving Earth, Author: M.L. Blackburn
Title: Soaring Eagles, Author: Wes Folsom
Title: Wings, Author: Dorothy Schuler
Title: The Mystery of Sinclair Place, Author: Michael Garwood
Title: Parsing the Whit: Real and Imagined, Author: William A. Scott
Title: Gator Tators, Author: Ted Campbell
Title: Grace Over Fear, Author: Bethany L. Correia
Title: Season of the Demon, Author: S.A. Sloan
Title: Dare to Dream: It's Achievable, Author: Gilbert Afful
Title: The Story of the Spirit Pin, Author: Nancy Johnson
Title: Lost in a Story: Beyond Reality and Time, Author: Joseph H. Krasinski
Title: Daniel's Deeds and the Palace of Everywhere, Author: Dane Stivers
Title: Prisoner of War, Author: Kinsey M. Rockett
Title: Keep Your Heart, Author: Liz Rigby
Title: In the Dead of Night: The Mystique of the Demonic Igbo Mask, Author: Gerard Mehnobi
Title: The Emperor's Necklace, Author: Becky Allred
Title: The Inn, Author: Paul Fuhrmann
Title: To My Grandchildren: A Faith-Based Book, Author: Stephen M. Bostic
Title: Lights in the Attic, Author: Ted Draper
Title: The Mystery of Pineville Woods, Author: Ashley Worley

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