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Title: 12 Month Dummy, Author: Stephon Mason
Title: A Bond Unbroken, Author: Maalika Hudson David
Title: Something's Lost: A Horse Story, Author: Julie Moraine
Title: The Stolen Shoes, Author: Colleen
Title: They Say It's Impossible, Author: R.E. Carson
Title: Grace Over Fear, Author: Bethany L. Correia
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Title: Daniel's Deeds and the Palace of Everywhere, Author: Dane Stivers
Title: Journey Through the Night: The Rescue, Author: Marlene Crawley
Title: The Inn, Author: Paul Fuhrmann
Title: Extra Ordinary: The Adventures of Shawna Ray and Christa Lynn, Author: Ray Wilcox
Title: Red Siren, Author: Bridget Messi
Title: To My Grandchildren: A Faith-Based Book, Author: Stephen M. Bostic
Title: Wings, Author: Dorothy Schuler
Title: David & Goliath, Author: Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister
Title: Gene Yuss: Into the Unbelievable, Author: Louise Norris
Title: The Corruption, Author: Miracle L. Mcillwain
Title: Bethel Island: Saving Earth, Author: M.L. Blackburn
Title: Do's and Don'ts to a Better Way of Living: How to Live Peaceably Among All Mankind, Author: Sharese Dawkins
Title: Who Is He?, Author: Shirell Warren-Stout
Title: Lost in a Story: Beyond Reality and Time, Author: Joseph H. Krasinski

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