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Title: Quiet Man, Author: G. R. Cleveland
Title: Overcoming Fear: Eliminating the Bondage of Fear, Author: Creflo Dollar
Title: Something's Lost: A Horse Story, Author: Julie Moraine
Title: Thirty Day Devotional for the Horse Loving Girl, Author: Jessi Ruiter
Title: Experiential God, Author: Cameron Bascom
Title: The Firefly Lamp, Author: Julie Sherrill
Title: Life is the Trade-Off, Author: DeOliver Davis
Title: Alexandria: World Class Life Story, Author: BDL
Title: Path to Tomorrow, Author: Flora Harris-Brown
Title: Walking the Tar Pit, Author: Karin Schwan
Title: The Grace Embrace, Author: Kim M. Mallette
Title: Send Me Wings, Author: Bobby Cyrus
Title: Game Time: God's Team, Play Your Position, Author: Reginald B. Bratton
Title: The Gospels of Edward, Author: Stephen L. Oram
Title: Becoming the Person You Told People You Were, Author: Christie Y. Shaw
Title: 777 The Lost Blood, Author: Eve Woodson
Title: I Have To Call Someone Mama: A Grandmother's Story of Two Siblings Rescued from Munchausen by Proxy Abuse, Author: Tammy Eady Walker
Title: White Collar Crimes, Author: George Foster
Title: The Boy That Christmas Saved, Author: Tom Hollis
Title: The Angel Came, Author: Dr. Ophelia G. Griggs

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