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Title: Influence Human Behavior: Techniques and Attributes to Understand the Psychology Behind Persuasion and Manipulation, Author: Victor Sykes
Title: Mental Manipulation: Identify and Outsmart the Manipulators and Develop Your Mental Strength, Author: Victor Sykes
Title: Dark Psychology: Tricks and Defenses Against Dark Persuasion, Brainwashing, NLP, and Manipulative Seduction, Author: Victor Sykes
Title: Mental Manipulation: The Defense Guide Against Persuasion Tactics, Covert Mind Games, and Emotional Control, Author: Victor Sykes
Title: How to Analyze People: Instantly Read Body Language, Learn Techniques for Speed Reading People, and Analyzing Behavior with Human Psychology, Author: Victor Sykes
Title: Influence Human Behavior: Psychology of Human Behavior, Influencing Others, and the Power of Nudges, Author: Victor Sykes
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Title: Internet Marketing Integration, Author: Christopher Miller