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Title: The Professionalization of Economics: Alfred Marshall and the Dominance of Orthodoxy, Author: John Maloney
Title: Economists and the Economy: The Evolution of Economic Ideas, Author: William J. Barber
Title: Evolutionary Economics: A Study of Change in Economic Thought / Edition 1, Author: David Hamilton
Title: American Capitalism: The Concept of Countervailing Power / Edition 1, Author: John Galbraith
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Title: The Chicago School of Political Economy, Author: Warren Samuels
Title: Principles of Economics, Author: A. Marshall
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Title: The Future of Economics, Author: Alexander J. Field
Title: The Ethics of Competition, Author: Frank Knight
Title: Production and Distribution Theories, Author: George J. Stigler
Title: Notes On The Theory Of Choice / Edition 1, Author: David Kreps
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Title: Philosophy and Political Economy, Author: James Boner