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Title: Identical Twins: The Social Construction and Performance of Identity in Culture and Society / Edition 1, Author: Mvikeli Ncube
Title: Narrative Psychology and Vygotsky in Dialogue: Changing Subjects / Edition 1, Author: Jill Bradbury
Title: Radical Inclusive Education: Disability, teaching and struggles for liberation / Edition 1, Author: Anat Greenstein
Title: Subjectivity, Language and the Postcolonial: Beyond Bourdieu in South Africa / Edition 1, Author: Hannah Botsis
Title: Decolonial Psychoanalysis: Towards Critical Islamophobia Studies / Edition 1, Author: Robert Beshara
Title: Rethinking Education through Critical Psychology: Cooperative Schools, Social Justice and Voice / Edition 1, Author: Gail Davidge
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Title: Social Identity in Question: Construction, Subjectivity and Critique, Author: Parisa Dashtipour
Title: Fanon, Education, Action: Child as Method / Edition 1, Author: Erica Burman
Title: Race, Gender and the Activism of Black Feminist Theory: Working with Audre Lorde / Edition 1, Author: Suryia Nayak
Title: Madness and Subjectivity: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Psychosis in the West and India / Edition 1, Author: Ayurdhi Dhar
Title: Psychology and Neoliberalism, Author: Michael Arfken Pre-Order Now
Title: Psychogeography and Psychology, Author: Alexander John Bridger Pre-Order Now
Title: Religion and Psychoanalysis in India: Critical Clinical Practice / Edition 1, Author: Sabah Siddiqui
Title: Surviving Identity: Vulnerability and the Psychology of Recognition, Author: Kenneth McLaughlin
Title: Anticipation and Medicine: A Critical Analysis of the Science, Praxis and Perversion of Evidence Based Healthcare / Edition 1, Author: Owen Dempsey
Title: Developing Minds: Psychology, neoliberalism and power, Author: Elise Klein
Title: Subjectivity and Critical Mental Health: Lessons from Brazil / Edition 1, Author: Daniel Goulart
Title: Psychologisation in Times of Globalisation, Author: Jan De Vos
Title: The Therapeutic Turn: How psychology altered Western culture / Edition 1, Author: Ole Jacob Madsen
Title: Decolonizing Global Mental Health: The psychiatrization of the majority world / Edition 1, Author: China Mills

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