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Title: Race and Ethnicity, Author: Alma M. Garcia
Title: Steroids, Author: Stefan Kiesbye
Title: Ethnic Violence, Author: Myra H. Immell
Title: Animal Rights / Edition 1, Author: Shasta Gaughen
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Title: Serial Killers, Author: Louise I. Gerdes
Title: Genetic Engineering, Author: Sylvia Engdahl
Title: Gun Violence, Author: Stefan Kiesbye
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Title: Consumerism, Author: Uma Kukathas
Title: Cancer, Author: Lisa Yount
Title: Cults, Author: Jill Karson
Title: War Crimes, Author: Henry H. Kim
Title: Teens and Sex, Author: David Nelson
Title: Marijuana, Author: Joseph Tardiff
Title: White Supremacists (Contemporary Issues Companion Series), Author: Regine I. Heberlein
Title: Teen Alcoholism, Author: Laura K. Egendorf
Title: Biological Weapons, Author: Clayton Ferris Naff
Title: Women's Rights, Author: Shasta Gaughen
Title: Alzheimer's Disease, Author: Adela Soliz
Title: Cloning, Author: Sylvia Louise Engdahl
Title: Human Rights, Author: Adela Soliz

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