Title: Nato's Top Secret Stay-Behind Armies And Terrorism In Western Europe, Author: Daniele Ganser
Title: Ethics, Law and Justifying Targeted Killings: The Obama Administration at War / Edition 1, Author: Jack McDonald
Title: America, the EU and Strategic Culture: Renegotiating the Transatlantic Bargain, Author: Asle Toje
Title: Legitimising the Use of Force in International Politics: Kosovo, Iraq and the Ethics of Intervention / Edition 1, Author: Corneliu Bjola
Hardcover $160.47 $175.00 Current price is $160.47, Original price is $175.00.
Title: International Law and the Use of Armed Force: The UN Charter and the Major Powers, Author: Joel Westra
Title: Cyber-Conflict and Global Politics / Edition 1, Author: Athina Karatzogianni
Hardcover $163.99 $180.00 Current price is $163.99, Original price is $180.00.
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Title: Kennedy, Johnson and NATO: Britain, America and the Dynamics of Alliance, 1962-68, Author: Andrew Priest
Title: The Homeland Security Dilemma: Fear, Failure and the Future of American Insecurity / Edition 1, Author: Frank P. Harvey
Hardcover $162.00 $180.00 Current price is $162.00, Original price is $180.00.
Title: Liberal Wars: Anglo-American Strategy, Ideology and Practice / Edition 1, Author: Alan Cromartie
Title: Controlling the Weapons of War: Politics, Persuasion, and the Prohibition of Inhumanity / Edition 1, Author: Brian Rappert
Hardcover $184.50 $205.00 Current price is $184.50, Original price is $205.00.
Title: Ethnic Conflict and Terrorism: The Origins and Dynamics of Civil War, Author: Joseph L. Soeters
Title: Afghanistan, Arms and Conflict: Armed Groups, Disarmament and Security in a Post-War Society, Author: Michael Vinay Bhatia
Title: The Iraq War: European Perspectives on Politics, Strategy and Operations, Author: Jan Hallenberg
Title: European Union and Strategy: An Emerging Actor / Edition 1, Author: Kjell Engelbrekt
Title: British Defence in the 21st Century, Author: John Louth
Title: Missile Defence: International, Regional and National Implications / Edition 1, Author: Sten Rynning
Title: The United States and Europe: Beyond the Neo-Conservative Divide? / Edition 1, Author: John Baylis
Title: Small Arms and Security: New Emerging International Norms / Edition 1, Author: Denise Garcia
Title: Globalisation and Defence in the Asia-Pacific: Arms Across Asia / Edition 1, Author: Geoffrey Till
Title: Intra-State Conflict, Governments and Security: Dilemmas of Deterrence and Assurance, Author: Stephen M. Saideman

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