Title: Arden & D'arcy Plays 1, Author: John Arden
Title: Russell Plays: 1: Breezeblock Park; Our Day Out; Stags and Hens; Educating Rita, Author: Willy Russell
Title: Katori Hall Plays One: Hoodoo Love; Saturday Night/Sunday Morning; The Mountaintop; Hurt Village, Author: Katori Hall
Title: Barnes Plays: 3: Clap Hands, Heaven's Blessings, Revolutionary Witness, Author: Peter Barnes
Title: Bond Plays: 5: The Bundle; Human Cannon; Jackets; In the Company of Men, Author: Edward Bond
Title: Birch Plays: 1: Where the Shot Rabbits Lay; Even Stillness Breathes Softly Against a Brick Wall; The Brink; Black Mountain, Author: Brad Birch
Title: Ravenhill Plays: 1: Shopping and F***ing; Faust is Dead; Handbag; Some Explicit Polaroids, Author: Mark Ravenhill
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Title: Wilson Plays: 1: Pignight; Blowjob; The Soul of the White Ant; More Light; Darwin's Flood, Author: Snoo Wilson
Title: Daniels Plays: 1: Ripen Our Darkness; The Devil's Gateway; Masterpiece; Neaptide; Byrthrite, Author: Sarah Daniels
Title: Johnson Plays: 2: Imagine Drowning; Hysteria; Dead Funny, Author: Terry Johnson
Title: Daniels Plays: 2: Gut Girls; Beside Herself; Head-rot Holiday; Madness of Esme and Shaz, Author: Sarah Daniels
Title: James Graham Plays: 1: A History of Falling Things, Tory Boyz, The Man, The Whisky Taster, Sons of York, Author: James Graham
Title: Stephens Plays:1: Bluebird; Christmas; Herons; Port, Author: Simon Stephens
Title: Elton Plays: 1: Gasping; Silly Cow; Popcorn, Author: Ben Elton
Title: McDowall Plays: 1: Brilliant Adventures; Captain Amazing; Talk Show; Pomona, Author: Alistair McDowall
Title: Sabrina Mahfouz Plays: 1: That Boy; Dry Ice; Clean; Chef; Battleface; The Love I Feel is Red; With a Little Bit of Luck; Layla's Room; Rashida; Power of Plumbing; This is How it Was, Author: Sabrina Mahfouz
Title: Edgar Plays: 2: Ecclesiastes, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Entertaining Strangers, Author: David Edgar
Title: Sherman Plays: 2: Onassis; Passing By; The Miser, Author: Martin Sherman
Title: Godber Plays: 2: Teechers; Happy Jack; September in the Rain; Salt of the Earth, Author: John Godber
Title: HighTide Plays: 1: Ditch; peddling; The Big Meal; Lampedusa, Author: Beth Steel

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