Title: The Modern Yugoslav Conflict 1991-1995: Perception, Deception and Dishonesty / Edition 1, Author: Brendan O'Shea
Hardcover $193.50 $215.00 Current price is $193.50, Original price is $215.00.
Title: The Iraq War: European Perspectives on Politics, Strategy and Operations, Author: Jan Hallenberg
Title: Legitimacy and the Use of Armed Force: Stability Missions in the Post-Cold War Era / Edition 1, Author: Chiyuki Aoi
Title: Aggression, Crime and International Security: Moral, Political and Legal Dimensions of International Relations / Edition 1, Author: Page Wilson
Hardcover $163.99 $175.00 Current price is $163.99, Original price is $175.00.
Title: European Security Governance: The European Union in a Westphalian World / Edition 1, Author: Charlotte Wagnsson
Title: War Crimes Tribunals and Transitional Justice: The Tokyo Trial and the Nuremburg Legacy, Author: Madoka Futamura
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Title: Cyber-Conflict and Global Politics / Edition 1, Author: Athina Karatzogianni
Hardcover $163.99 $180.00 Current price is $163.99, Original price is $180.00.
Title: The US, NATO and Military Burden-Sharing / Edition 1, Author: Stephen J. Cimbala
Hardcover $184.50 $205.00 Current price is $184.50, Original price is $205.00.
Title: America, the EU and Strategic Culture: Renegotiating the Transatlantic Bargain / Edition 1, Author: Asle Toje
Title: Intra-State Conflict, Governments and Security: Dilemmas of Deterrence and Assurance, Author: Stephen M. Saideman
Title: Propaganda and Information Warfare in the Twenty-First Century: Altered Images and Deception Operations / Edition 1, Author: Scot Macdonald
Title: Propaganda, the Press and Conflict: The Gulf War and Kosovo / Edition 1, Author: David R. Willcox
Title: Deterring International Terrorism and Rogue States: US National Security Policy after 9/11 / Edition 1, Author: James H. Lebovic
Paperback $56.32 $61.95 Current price is $56.32, Original price is $61.95.
Title: Russia, NATO and Cooperative Security: Bridging the Gap / Edition 1, Author: Lionel Ponsard
Title: War, Image and Legitimacy: Viewing Contemporary Conflict / Edition 1, Author: James Gow
Title: Corporate Soldiers and International Security: The Rise of Private Military Companies / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Kinsey
Title: International Law and the Use of Armed Force, Author: Joel Westra
Title: Missile Defence: International, Regional and National Implications / Edition 1, Author: Sten Rynning
Title: US Foreign Policy and Iran: American-Iranian Relations since the Islamic Revolution, Author: Donette Murray
Title: Small Arms and Security: New Emerging International Norms / Edition 1, Author: Denise Garcia

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