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Title: American Democratic Theory: Pluralism and Its Critics, Author: William Kelso
Title: Doves and Diplomats: Foreign Offices and Peace Movements in Europe and America in the Twentieth Century, Author: Soloman Wank
Title: Believing Skeptics: American Political Intellectuals, 1945-64, Author: Robert B. Fowler
Title: Locke, Rousseau, and the Idea of Consent: An Inquiry into the Liberal-Democratic Theory of Political Obligation, Author: Jules Steinberg
Title: Judicial Craftsmanship or Fiat?: Direct Overturn by the United States Supreme Court, Author: Howard Ball
Title: The Tragedy of Chile, Author: Robert J. Alexander
Title: The New Left in France: The Unified Socialist Party, Author: Charles Hauss
Title: The Communist Parties of Western Europe: A Comparative Study, Author: R Neal Tannahill
Title: Prophets of the Left: American Socialist Thought in the Twentieth Century, Author: Robert M. Hyfler
Title: Khrushchev's Party Reform: Coalition Building and Institutional Innovation, Author: Barbara A. Chotiner
Title: The State as Terrorist: The Dynamics of Governmental Violence and Repression, Author: George Lopez
Title: Domestic Policy Formation: Presidential-Congressional Partnership?, Author: Steven Shull
Title: Puerto Rican Politics in Urban America, Author: James Jennings
Title: Controlling Regulatory Sprawl: Presidential Strategies from Nixon to Reagan, Author: Howard Ball
Title: Minority Rights: A Comparative Analysis, Author: Jay A. Sigler
Title: Roots of Failure: United States Policy in the Third World, Author: Melvin Gurtov
Title: Congressional Television: A Legislative History, Author: Ronald Garay
Title: Macro-Nationalisms: A History of the Pan-Movements, Author: Louis L. Snyder
Title: Ethnic Groups, Congress, and American Foreign Policy: The Politics of the Turkish Arms Embargo, Author: Paul Y. Watanabe
Title: Decade of Change: The Remaking of Forest Service Statutory Authority During the 1970s, Author: ABC-CLIO

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