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Title: John H. Goldthorpe / Edition 1, Author: Jon Clark
Hardcover $196.90 $220.00 Current price is $196.90, Original price is $220.00.
Title: How Is Online Pornography Affecting Society?, Author: Christine Wilcox
Title: Religion and Government: Should They Mix?, Author: Karen Judson
Title: The Presumption of Innocence and Irish Criminal Law: 'Whittling the 'Golden Thread', Author: Claire Hamilton
Title: Is the World Prepared for a Deadly Influenza Pandemic?, Author: Scott Barbour
Hardcover $24.66 $26.95 Current price is $24.66, Original price is $26.95.
Title: Should Abortion Be Legal?, Author: Carla Mooney
Title: An Ambition for Equality, Author: Niall Crowley
Title: How Are Digital Devices Impacting Society?, Author: Melissa Abramovitz
Title: Government Entitlement, Author: Jeff Burlingame
Title: How Serious a Problem Is Drug Use in Sports?, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: What Impact Does Mental Illness Have on Violent Crime?, Author: Patricia D. Netzley
Title: Military Might and Global Intervention, Author: Adam Woog
Title: Same Sex Marriage, Author: Jon Sterngass
Title: Does Illegal Immigration Harm Society?, Author: Scott Barbour
Title: Global Warming: A Guide to the Science, Author: Willie Soon
Paperback $14.62 $19.95 Current price is $14.62, Original price is $19.95.
Title: The Blame Game: Rethinking Ireland's Sustainable Development and Environmental Performance, Author: Brendan Flynn
Title: Should Teens Have Access to Birth Control?, Author: Don Nardo
Title: Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legal?, Author: Bonnie Szumski
Title: Is Offshore Oil Drilling Worth the Risks?, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?, Author: Scott Barbour

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