Title: Choices: Our choices make up our character and who we are as individuals, Author: Marilyn Guier
Title: How A Spider Saved Christmas, Author: Sargis Saribekyan
Title: Timmy and the Lemonade Stand, Author: Tasha Schumacher
Title: Core Reality Volume 1 Centennial Guard, Author: Thomas Funicello
Title: So Many Fragile Things, Author: Amy Kinzer Steidinger
Title: Shattered Plans, Still a Future of Hope, Author: Jamiel A. Shaw Sr.
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Title: Designed, No Less, Author: Kenneth Laudermilch
Title: CORE REALITY: Volume 5 Control Subject, Author: Thomas Funicello
Title: From the CHRISTMAS CRADLE to the CRIMSON CROSS: 20 Watercolors for Advent and Easter, Author: Jeffrey Watson
Title: Lil Abe and His Lunch Sack, Author: Clyde Powell
Title: A TRIUMPHANT TAPESTRY, Author: Cheryl A. Bennett
Title: Into the Curtain of Light, Author: Kathy Carrico Himle
Title: Kittens, Flowers, and Onion Soup!, Author: Melinda Eplin Griffith
Title: Come To The River: A Short Survey Of The Bible, Author: Judith Folse
Title: The Simple Things, Author: Toni L. Brooks
Title: You Are Designed to Be Successful, Author: Freddie Floyd Jr.
Title: 8 Degrees of Yes: My Experiences with Truth, Transformation, and Healing, Author: T. Ruth Akins MAS MEd DD
Title: Cleveland's Colorful Characters, Author: Kit Whipple
Title: Biblical Ancestry Voyage: Revealing Facts of Significant Black Characters, Author: Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard
Title: Helen is not Hungry, Author: Sargis Saribekyan

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