Title: A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946: Volume 1: The Mid-Atlantic States, Author: Richard C. Carpenter
Title: John Nolen and Mariemont: Building a New Town in Ohio, Author: Millard F. Rogers Jr.
Title: Cities and Buildings: Skyscrapers, Skid Rows, and Suburbs / Edition 1, Author: Larry R. Ford
Title: The Cotton Plantation South since the Civil War, Author: Charles S. Aiken
Title: The Planting of New Virginia: Settlement and Landscape in the Shenandoah Valley, Author: Warren R. Hofstra
Title: Public Markets and Civic Culture in Nineteenth-Century America, Author: Helen Tangires
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Title: The Delaware Valley in the Early Republic: Architecture, Landscape, and Regional Identity, Author: Gabrielle M Lanier
Title: L'Enfant's Legacy: Public Open Spaces in Washington, D.C., Author: Michael Bednar
Title: Across This Land: A Regional Geography of the United States and Canada, Author: John C. Hudson
Title: Jews and Feminism: The Ambivalent Search for Home, Author: Laura Levitt
Title: Petrolia: The Landscape of America's First Oil Boom, Author: Brian Black
Title: Greenways for America, Author: Charles E. Little
Title: Benton MacKaye: Conservationist, Planner, and Creator of the Appalachian Trail, Author: Larry Anderson
Title: Entrepreneurial Vernacular: Developers' Subdivisions in the 1920s, Author: Carolyn S. Loeb
Title: America's Original GI Town: Park Forest, Illinois, Author: Gregory C. Randall
Title: The New England Village, Author: Joseph S Wood
Title: Jens Jensen: Maker of Natural Parks and Gardens, Author: Robert E Grese
Title: Suburban Landscapes: Culture and Politics in a New York Metropolitan Community, Author: Paul H Mattingly
Title: The City Beautiful Movement, Author: William H Wilson
Title: The Rough Road to Renaissance: Urban Revitalization in America, 1940-1985 / Edition 1, Author: Jon C. Teaford

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